Top 5 Detroit Airbnb for your next brand photo shoot

Finding a location for your brand photo shoot can be a challenge. We decided to take one less task off your list and do the research for you. Trust me, we’ve totally been there friend! Detroit is packed with beautiful spots all throughout the city but the weather doesn’t always support an outdoor session. This is why picking a Detroit Airbnb is essential for a successful brand photo shoot. Not to mention one of the easier ways to nail an aesthetic AND have control over how you choose to use the space. Stick around to the end to see how The Launch Hive nailed their Detroit Airbnb photo shoot.

Deciding on the right Airbnb

So we get the why but what about the how? There is a lot to consider when deciding which Airbnb home is the right one for you. Your brand photography should match your brand identity. Start by creating a mood board to help build a cohesive shoot. We want the surroundings of the session to match how you want people to feel about your brand. If you want something more on the professional side, opt for a more modern, clean Airbnb. Maybe your brand is more laid back and personal? An eclectic decor aesthetic with a fun personality would best suit your needs.

It’s very important to consider the lighting. This will help your photographer understand what they need to do on their end to produce the best pictures for you. Ideally the more natural the better. Lastly, how many different locations in the Airbnb or on the premise can you use? The more variety in rooms to use, the further your brand shoot goes. All in all, ask yourself does this Airbnb match what I am trying to represent and deliver with my brand?

What should I prep before my Airbnb photoshoot?

The steps you take leading up to the day of the shoot can help for a more stress-free experience. First things first, make sure to communicate with the Airbnb host that you are allowed to do indoor photography. Unfortunately, some places will not allow photoshoots or expect you to pay a commercial use fee. So always make sure to double-check this prior to booking!

Next is creating a packing list designating what you will be using during your shoot. Props can be a great way to elevate your photos. Try even getting advice from your photographer on specifics. They might have some fun ideas up their sleeve as well!

Overall making a visual plan ahead of time will bring you so much ease! Circling back to the mood board we mentioned earlier, including separate categories for poses, outfits, and props. You can even go as far as planning out how you would like to utilize each room and outside if possible. 

Our top 5 choices

We did the dirty work of checking out the best Detroit Airbnbs just for you! Finding our top picks, all with a variety of decor and styles. This way anyone can find something that will work for their brand photoshoot.

5 Modern Colonial Home

This modern colonial Airbnb was built in 1929 so it’s packed with charm. You can see the layout has a beautiful clean open design. It has a neutral color scheme and wood floors that help provide a calm and tranquil environment. This location has two outdoor options. One on the deck out back and the other on a patio off of the master. Both the office space and master bedroom are definitely our favorites in this quaint spot. 

4 West Village Apartment

If you are looking for a vintage retro vibe, this is the one for you. The space gives us a subtle sophistication where you could either dress up or down and both would make complete sense. We love Airbnbs that give you options! The colorful living room rug is a great piece to give photos some contrast. The same goes for the all-black kitchen with wood accents, we are truly obsessed!

image source from Airbnb

3 Skyline Luxe Loft

This renovated 1891 luxury loft serves professionalism with an industrial twist. Its’ massive space will give you many different options for your shoot. The loft has warm and neutral tones making it a great location for someone who is having a hard time deciding on a color palette. This Detroit Airbnb feels like a penthouse but has an old charm to it, truly the best of both worlds. Plus who can pass up 100-year-old Terrazzo flooring!

an airbnb Detroit home with red brick wall and black curtains

2 Disco Loft

A personal favorite of ours as we have used it with a couple of our clients. You can see bits of this Airbnb in The Launch Hive’s brand photoshoot we recently captured! What I love about this space is the variety it gives us to play around with. Each room is so intricate and detailed in decor but also has its own personal touch. Almost making it hard to notice the entire session was shot in one location. This Disco Loft Airbnb showcases the best parts of Detroit – part glam, part grit and we are here for it!

image source from Airbnb

1 The Kean Club 

If we can have a second favorite, this would be it because we are low-key obsessed with The Kean Club. Not sure if it’s the dark green muted walls, the antique decor, or the entire building itself that’s doing it for us but it’s certainly a big win in our books. The entryway room into the building could be a photoshoot within itself. If you are looking for a subtle romantic feel with stately professionalism in one place, this is the one.

Hopefully, we have covered all of your burning questions when it comes to selecting your Detroit Airbnb for your brand photoshoot! Always remember to work alongside your brand photographer throughout the planning process. They will have a lot of experience in this area and should be able to suggest some stellar options for you. Secondly, they are also able to provide helpful and valuable feedback on what locations hit the mark for your brand. Scroll down to see more of The Launch Hive’s brand photography and get a better idea of what an Airbnb photo shoot location can do!

Taking photos of a Detroit Airbnb brand photoshoot
A woman with short dirty blonde hair posing for her Detroit Airbnb brand photoshoot
A glass of red cocktail at a Detroit Airbnb brand photoshoot
A silver macbook laptop sitting on a black boot at a Detroit Airbnb photo shoot
A woman with short dirty blonde hair posing for her Detroit Airbnb brand photoshoot
A woman with short dirty blonde hair posing for her Detroit Airbnb brand photoshoot

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